Midweek Mediums


Midweek Mediums! A new series of…you guessed it, midweek articles about mediums.

Ranging from the respectable to the downright bizarre, each week, I recreate a famous photograph of a medium or spiritualist with items from around my house and tell their story.

This little project is very much in its infancy, so new posts and photographs will be added here week by week.



Cora L. V. Scott (1840 – 1923)

Cora L V Scott was a superstar of her age and one of the most influential mediums in the 19th century spiritualist movement. A trance medium, lecturer and icon, she remains one of the most famous Victorians you’ve never heard of.

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Helen Augusta Peters Nosworthy (1851-1940)

Helen is a lesser-known medium who made an enormous impact, being the medium who named the Ouija board. 

Helen’s input was all but forgotten until a few short years ago.
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Annie Fairlamb Mellon (1850-1938)
Born in Newcastle, Annie made headlines as a manifestation medium, bringing three distinct spirits into the séance room. These were Josephine, Cissie and the gloriously uninventive…’Geordie’

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Stanisława Tomczyk (? – c.1920)

The Polish medium was the subject of some of the most striking photographs in psychical research. Tomczyk’s main draw as a medium was her claim that she could levitate objects with the power of her mind, stop clocks and ‘influence the turn of a roulette wheel.’

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