Telling the Bees!

Telling the Bees, 1879 Following a death, the list of duties seem endless. From booking the undertaker to choosing the coffin, plot or crematorium, the list of necessities seems endless. But of all of these commitments, the most important of them, the most integral of all, is telling the bees. It’s a matter of tradition,... Continue Reading →

Jay’s Mourning Warehouse

Due to the superstition of not holding mourning clothing in the household for longer than necessary, when a death occurred, you needed to act fast – places like Jay's catered to this on a massive scale.

Whitby Jet: What, Why and When?

With Halloween knocking on our door and Whitby goth events calling our name, many of our minds turn to jet, indulgent dark jewellery and the beauty of mourning wear. But, to appreciate jet, its place in fashion, mourning and gem appreciation, we really need to delve into its inky history. ‘Black, forsooth, coal-black as jet…’... Continue Reading →

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