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I’ve been working on Burials and Beyond as a real passion-project for years; writing, chatting, lecturing and singing the praises of the stranger side of life. Well, I’ve decided to focus on creating a busy, inclusive and special place to share my work and I’ve launched my own Patreon account.
There’s a small group of at the minute, and its a really lovely relaxed space that feels like a special clubhouse!
There are three to four posts a week of long-form articles, pictures, videos and deathly silliness, and if you’ve ever enjoyed my work in print, video, in person or online, there’ll be so much more over on Patreon. There’s a lot more ‘me’, a lot more content, and a lot less pomp and rigidity.
On launch week alone, we’ve had silly videos, cemetery tours, dead donkeys and hair jewellery! There’ll be early access to posts and an enormous amount of original content, just for you 😊
It really would mean the world if you’d consider joining my new little club.


If you like what Burials and Beyond is doing and want to ‘buy me a coffee’ as a one-off, head on over to: or click the button below.


Thank you!

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