I’ve been working on Burials & Beyond as a real passion-project for years; writing, chatting, lecturing and singing the praises of the stranger side of life. Well, I’ve decided to focus on creating a busy, inclusive and special place to share my work and I’ve launched my own Patreon!

From as little as £1 a month, you’ll get access to four brand new posts every week (articles, pictures, video, audio) and full access to all content before that! Loads of exclusive stuff goes on Patreon, never to be seen on the main site.

It’s a fun, varied, and inclusive little community and I’d be thrilled if you’d consider joining!



If you like what Burials & Beyond is doing and want to ‘buy me a coffee’ as a one-off, head on over to: or click the button below.


Thank you!

Kate xx

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