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Haunted History Chronicles Podcast – 13/02/21 –  The Spiritualist Movement and Contemporary Seance!

The Haunted Advisor – 16/7/20 – A discussion of Victorian seance methods.

The Pure Paranormal Radio Show – 18/8/20 – Interview about Burials and Beyond, cemeteries and paranormal ethics.

Paranormal Voice – 21/10/20 – A chat about Victorian mourning, sentimental jewellery and ‘death collecting.’

Festival of the Unexplained – 25/10/20 – A chat about Burials and Beyond, cemeteries and the paranormal.

Haunted Connections – 6/10/20 – A chat about spirits, cemetery work and dead Victorians.

Other older interviews available on the Spooky Isles YouTube Channel.

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