Kim Cattrall: The Unwelcome Cleopatra

‘Oh my God! Do you know what these are? Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth!’

What, so you thought I couldn’t link Sex and the City with bizarre grave controversies? Bet your finest patent heels I can.

On Christmas day in 2016, Michelle Cox travelled to Holy Trinity in Wavertree, Liverpool to visit her mother’s grave. Instead of the familiar family headstone, she was met with a new, shiny granite slab…with an additional two new names. Without her knowledge, Kim Cattrall (of Sex and the City fame) had commissioned a new stone, adding the names of her and her deceased father to the family plot. And beneath Kim’s name? The bizarre phrase, ‘The Liverpool Cleopatra.

[Image via]

It’s a curious desire for a film star to want to be added to a dense family plot in Liverpool, but such were Cattrall’s wishes

Kim Cattrall is Cox’s estranged cousin, and was born in Liverpool, before her parents moved to Canada when she was three months old. Interviewed at the time, Michelle Cox said that she felt as though she had ‘been burgled’, especially since the changes were made by a woman she had never met. Cox explained in 2016, that their parents had fallen out many years ago after her mother married a man from Barbados. Speaking in 2016, she said that:

“It doesn’t seem right that someone who has spent the majority of her life in Canada and the US can come to Liverpool and reserve a grave simply by putting their name on it.”

[Image via the Liverpool Echo]

The confusion and question of ownership came about after the former canon of Holy Trinity Church believed that Kim Cattrall was the only surviving member of the family. Subsequently, Cattrall was unquestioned in her movements as everything seemed above board.

But why ‘The Liverpool Cleopatra’? Ahh, that well known nickname (I jest). In 2010 Cattrall returned to Liverpool to star in a stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra which was well received, with her Cleopatra regarded as being ‘finely gauged’. However, in a review by the Guardian, the overall production was deemed ‘flawed but fascinating.’[1]One Shakespearean production does not a local legend make.

[Cattrall as Cleopatra – Image via Liverpool Echo]

After two years of scrapping it out in ecclesiastical courts, Kim lost the battle and was ordered to pay for a new replacement gravestone, without her or her Cleopatra by-line, which was deemed by a ‘family insider’ as being ‘in very poor taste.’[2]

Leaving the matter with class and grace, when asked for comment by the press, she simply said, ‘The Cox family are not my family.’

Spoken like a true diva.


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