Adventures in Highgate West Cemetery

The self-titled ‘magnificent seven’, is the informal name given to a group of large, privately-owned Victorian cemeteries within London. One of these is Highgate. Between its two sites, there are approximately 170,000 internments.

Sheffield General Cemetery: The Good, The Bad and the Granite

In its relatively small grounds, it boasts ten listed buildings and monuments ‘including Grade II listed catacombs, an Anglican chapel, with the gatehouse, non-conformist chapel and the Egyptian Gateway, each listed at Grade II.’ It also holds the largest single grave plot in the country, holding the bodies of 96 poor residents.

The Tomb of Sir Christopher Wray at Glentworth

Like many counties, Lincolnshire celebrates an annual open churches festival, in which numerous small villages open their church doors to visitors with a cup of tea and a frightening array of cakes and jams. One of the churches involved in celebrations was the unassuming-looking parish church of St Michael in the tiny village of Glentworth.... Continue Reading →

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